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A village tradition about mother and son - boseshantanu - 05-02-2019

Once there was an ancient village where widowed women used to be kidnapped by people living in surrounding villages. There was no one to protect them from those people and women used to be property to be claimed. Women used to be of that man who can claim her.

For every woman, there used to be a husband who protected them from other men. But for the widows, there was no one who could risk their life. Widows were easy targets to get fucked and claimed as a wife by other men. So to protect them from these claims, the head of the village decided to make a tradition.

It was that the man of the house would marry the woman who became a widow. So if the son died, the daughter-in-law would be the wife of father. If the father is not alive, she would marry the brother of her husband. If the brother is also not alive then her son would marry her. Otherwise, she could be claimed by anyone.
After so many years, it is still in practice in remote villages. This is a story of Karan and his mom Shruti. Shruti used to live with her husband and son far from their ancient village in Mumbai. But on one unfortunate day, her husband died while going on a business trip. Then the whole family members from her village came to visit her.

Her maternal family also reached there. Actually, there were no members of her husband’s family. Her son was the only male of the family. Karan was unaware of their culture. They went back to their ancestral village for the final ritual with Karan and Shruti.

There they decided to announce the marriage of Karan and Shruti on the 13th day. Shruti’s mom came to her and told not to worry as she has a well-built son who will satisfy all her needs. Shruti’s mom also had married her father in law after her husband’s death. So it was normal for Shruti and villagers.

But Karan was still unknown to what’s happening in the background. Karan has passed his Bachelor’s in Engineering from a renowned university. He was a free minded person who used to love to see a lot of incest porn on mom and son. But he didn’t know that his fantasy is going to be true in a few days.

After the 13th day passed, it was announced that by the village head that after two days Shruti will marry Karan. Karan was asking his mom, “Mom, are you getting married to a guy? That guy even has my name,” and he smiled, “Mom can you feel like I’m that Karan?”

Shruti only smiled at his words, didn’t say anything. He was teasing her on the way to home. “Mom, don’t feel shy marrying a guy having your own son’s name,” and she too was enjoying his teasing. The next day early morning, the house was decorated. He was told to bath and rituals before marriage was performed.

He was shocked as to what’s happening with him. He was asking people, “Am I also getting married on the same day my mom is getting married? But no one showed me my bride’s pic and didn’t ask my decision.” Everyone was laughing at him.

They said, “All the marriages are decided by elders. You can’t disagree with their decision.” He didn’t see his mom from the morning. He asked where is his mom. They said the boy can’t see the bride until she gets married. So he said do I need to wait even to see my mom till tomorrow. They said yes!

In another room, his mom was also getting teased by women. It used to be called lucky women who get married to own son in that village. And she was one of the luckiest. Next day, the marriage has started and he came to marriage mandap.

There was a sexy bride with white skin with glowing bright tone of turmeric was sitting next to him. She had covered her face. They performed the marriage ritual. In the evening he was sent to his room where the bride was waiting for him. He drank the milk given by the bride and gave half to her.

After drinking milk, he removed the cover from the bride’s face. It was shocking for him seeing his mom in his bed as the bride. He said, “Mom maybe I entered the wrong room,” and was going out. Then suddenly his mom held his hand. “Stupid, we just married earlier. I’m your wife from now on. You’re my husband,” and she touched his feet. “Give me a blessing to bear a boy child.”

“What are you talking mom? How could we marry, we are son and mother?”

“My dear husband, this is our tradition. After the husband’s death, the women here are married to the head male of the family. In my case I’m lucky, I’m married to a young boy like you. Now it’s my duty to satisfy you as a wife. Don’t destroy our first night. I want this night to be remembered by you for your whole life.”

Then she placed his hands on her boobs and asked to press them. He too enjoyed living his fantasy and tore off her clothes from her body and kissed and bite her lips and sucked her nipples. She opened her panty and asked him to suck her pussy. He never had done anything before as he was a virgin.

He felt disgusting to suck pussy. But she forcefully made h

RE: A village tradition about mother and son - boseshantanu - 05-02-2019

He felt disgusting to suck pussy. But she forcefully made him suck her pussy. She moved towards his dick and started to suck his cock. Now he too enjoyed sucking and started licking her pussy. Both of them released at the same time. Then she ate all his cum. Both kissed and mixed and swallowed each other’s cum.

She took his dick again in her mouth till it got erect again. She sat on his dick and rode in cowgirl position. Then she asked him to fuck in doggy position. She entered his dick as he was finding difficulty. She was saying, “Fuck me hard you motherfucker. Fill my pussy. Touch the womb of your mother with your dick.”

He too got excited with the dirty words from his mother and started to fuck her as the whole village would. They changed different positions and the moaning and love bites were heard and seen by everyone in the village the next day. Next day everyone came to their house.

Everyone blessed them to have a boy child to carry on their next generation. And even in the day time, they started fucking like dogs in each corner of the house. In a few days, they got good news as she was pregnant

RE: A village tradition about mother and son - tonychris - 01-12-2021

then what happen next

RE: A village tradition about mother and son - Manypo_177 - 09-15-2021

@boseshantanu great story bro